Melania Trump and Donald Trump Sleep In Separate Bedrooms – Report

There is a persistent rumor that First Lady Melania Trump is miserable in her role as wife of the President of the United States. On Wednesday, Us Weekly published a report that behind closed doors, Melania doesn’t hide the fact that she hates being First Lady. After the photographers are gone, she drops the act of being civil with Donald entirely.

The magazine even added that she and Donald Trump don’t sleep in the same bed nor the same bedroom. “They have separate bedrooms,” said their Trump source. “They never spend the night together — ever.”

Well, they probably slept together once, like 11 years ago, LOL.

Source: Us Weekly

Source: Us Weekly

Honestly, Melania Trump can’t even hide the fact that she’s miserable when the cameras are on. No wonder her public schedule is so light.

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