Mel B Shades Mariah Carey: ‘Maybe She Doesn’t Have That Voice Anymore’

“America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B has strong opinions about what happened to Mariah Carey during her ill-fated performance on New Year’s Eve.

While on “The Real,” the former Spice Girl, said that Mariah may not have the signature vocals that she used to for her to allow something like that to happen to her.

She said: “I was watching, going, ‘What is going on over there?’ because I was trying to lip-synch along to her song, pretending I was Mariah, and then it all stopped, and then I looked over and I couldn’t believe what I was actually seeing.”

Source: The Real

Source: The Real

“As a performer, as somebody on TV, if something happens, you just keep going. Your first reaction is to not let silence go too long, so I was in complete shock. I was like, ‘Why did you let that happen?’ And this is Mariah, who’s an amazing singer and an amazing performer.”

“Maybe she doesn’t have that voice anymore,” she added. “I hate to say it … I think maybe she was having a rough day vocally and didn’t even want to attempt that when it actually came to singing live because some of the track was pre-recorded, all of the high notes, and some of it was just blank for her to sing live.”

Press play to watch the video below (via US Weekly).

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