Meghan Linsey releases ‘Change My Mind’ official video

Meghan Linsey is the last hope for Team Blake on The Voice Season 8, as the Nashville crooner fights to be the eighth winner of the competition. And she plans on doing it with a song she wrote several years ago, the emotional “Change My Mind”.

It’s a very soulful track that’s worthy of Meghan’s talents. You could make the argument that she’s the most soulful contestant of the season, so a track like this isn’t exactly a surprise coming from her. But it’s still poignant to see how she’s grown over the course of the competition, to where she’s gained immeasurable confidence, and a certain ineffable star quality. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention that, as judged by “Change My Mind”, she’s actually a damn good songwriter. Whether she wins or not, I’d love to see her make a real go of this second chance. If nothing else, I think she’d fit right in on ABC’s Nashville. As a performer, and as part of its roster of songwriting talent.

Meghan Linsey releases 'Change My Mind' official video

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