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Meet the Adorable Dogs Competing in Puppy Bowl XII (VIDEO)

Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday, and that means Animal Planet is prepping for their biggest event of the year: Puppy Bowl XII! And now is your chance to meet some of the adorable dogs competing in the annual game in this cute video.

These adorable, adoptable dogs are as varied as they are cute, with over 80 dogs due to compete on Sunday. There’s Gryffn the Old English Sheepdog, Blondie the Labrador/Goldendoodle, Toby the Maltese, Raphael the Pit Bull, Brooklyn the German Shepherd, Roxy the French Bulldog, and Clyde the Corgi, just to name a few. It’s a cute clip that shows us what we can expect from the big game this Sunday. Puppy Bowl XII airs this Sunday 2/7 at 3:00 PM ET on Animal Planet. And for more on the event, check out the official Animal Planet page for the game! It’s looking like this will be another great year for super-cute dogs doing super-cute stuff. Watch the video below:

Meet the Adorable Dogs Competing in Puppy Bowl XII (VIDEO)

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