Medical Details On WWE Star Randy Orton Reveal Shoulder Injury Cause

WWE star Randy Orton is currently out of action due to a shoulder injury that sidelined him. While this was believed to be the result of simple wear-and-tear on Orton’s body that was further aggravated in a match. However, medical details obtained by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter have revealed that there was a very mundane but specific cause for his dislocated shoulder.

“Orton, who has a history of shoulder problems dating back to early in his career, had been working of late on a bad shoulder, but not so bad that he couldn’t wrestle,” writes WON founder Dave Meltzer. “But in taking out the garbage to the curb this past week, the shoulder dislocated and he was in tremendous pain. It took three hours to pop it back into place. He was to have an MRI done to find out the extent of the damage, and if he may need surgery, so his prognosis is not determined.”

Medical Details On WWE Star Randy Orton Reveal Shoulder Injury Cause

Credit: WWE

So there you have it. He didn’t take a bad bump. He didn’t hurt himself working out. It was just taking out the trash that did it. Granted, it’d be naive of me to believe that wear-and-tear on that shoulder from years of surgeries and subsequent injuries didn’t have an effect in weakening the shoulder to where something as menial as taking out the trash could lead to a dislocation. If anything, I think it’s telling that a potentially major injury happened due to a relatively mundane task. I know Orton is young still, but he’s been with WWE since 2002, and he’s seen many of his contemporaries come and go, such as Edge and Christian, both of whom had to retire due to injuries, as well as Santino Marella, who’s semi-retired now for the same reason. Perhaps it’s time for Orton to start winding down his career, for his own health. I’m sure WWE would offer him a trainer position or even a role as an agent or producer backstage. I don’t think he’d be hurting for work, and he could even come back for the occasional match to pop a rating. Of course, this is all probably just alarmist talk. How seriously Orton should consider retirement depends largely on what the MRI tells him. Here’s hoping for good news, because, despite the relative staleness of his character, the man is one of the best in-ring performers in WWE right now.

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