Meagan Good cast as female lead in FOX’s ‘Minority Report’ pilot

Meagan Good has been cast as the lead actress in FOX’s upcoming Minority Report pilot, which is set to be a sequel to the 2002 hit film.

According to Deadline, the pilot and potential series will follow one of the movie’s “three Precogs — humans with precognitive abilities — who could see crimes before they were committed as he attempts to lead a “normal” human life while still experiencing visions of the future.”

Good will portray Lara Vega, “a detective troubled by her past who might help him find a purpose to his ability.”

Meagan Good cast as female lead in FOX's 'Minority Report' pilot

Good, most known for her work in Black drama & comedy films, last had a lead TV role in NBC’s Deception, which aired in 2013 and ended after its first-season run.

Definitely good to see Meagan will be back on the small screen. She did a bang-up job on Deception. Also I’m still salty about that show being axed. It was so good!

Source: TV Line

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