Matt Hardy Comments on WWE Ripping Off His ‘Final Deletion’ Angle

Last week, the world witnessed The Final Deletion, a gloriously absurd 17-minute fight between Matt and Jeff Hardy. The segment, airing on TNA Impact, took place at Matt’s home in Cameron, North Carolina, and it was filmed like a ridiculous cross between a horror movie, an action comedy, and a wild pro wrestling match. As a result, the segment took the internet by storm, which leads us to last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, in which WWE did their version of The Final Deletion.

Of course, WWE’s Final Deletion segment had zero comedy, and was filmed like a straight-up horror movie. The fight between The Wyatts and WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day at the Wyatt Family compound was like something out of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Still, it was clear that the segment owed a serious debt of gratitude to The Final Deletion. Apparently, Matt Hardy felt the same way, expressing his thoughts on the segment via Twitter:

Matt Hardy Comments on WWE Ripping Off His 'Final Deletion' Angle

Source: Twitter

Naturally, Matt is referencing the defeat of Jeff Hardy when he references “Brother Nero”, a name which is probably going to become shorthand for all his enemies in the weeks to come, if the Hardy vs. Hardy feud is really over. With that said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Hardy feud continue if it leads to more segments like The Final Deletion, although I’m sure it would also lead to more imitators. Granted, I didn’t necessarily dislike WWE’s homage, but it paled in comparison to the original, in my opinion.

But what did you think of WWE’s take on The Final Deletion? Sound off in the comments!

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