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Mason Noise Goes to War With Simon Cowell In Shocking X Factor Meltdown (VIDEO)

Mason Noise went head-to-head with Simon Cowell in a shocking meltdown on The X Factor UK 2015!

You could kind of see this one coming from the start, as Mason was standoffish with mentor Nick Grimshaw when the judge asked the singer how he prepared for this challenge. Mason gave terse answers and generally seemed like he was above the competition altogether. But then he salvaged things a bit with his actual performance, which ended up being one of the most high-energy performances of the night. The judges didn’t even seem to have a problem when his hype man came out on joined him onstage. No, things didn’t turn disastrous until after the performance, when Mason launched into a tirade about how his audition performance was cut down to 47 seconds. This was crazy, and also a bit cringeworthy, as Simon just rips into Mason for insulting his show and its producers. Watch the shocking video below:

Mason Noise Goes to War With Simon Cowell In Shocking X Factor Meltdown (VIDEO)

Ultimately, Mason is kind of a moron for doing this, since — as Nick notes — he would have had a chair. Hell, he might have even made live shows, considering there’s really no one in this competition like him. But nope, he fell victim to “The Kanye West Effect,” as Rita put it. However, as Nick succinctly stated, “Yeah, but you’re not Kanye West yet.” Basically, Mason threw away the possibility of getting featured prominently throughout the rest of the season and well into live shows, all because he was mad that, prior to the Six-Chair Challenge, his audition had only been featured for 47 seconds. Well, congratulations, Mason. You got five extra minutes added to that 47 seconds, and that’s all. Hope you enjoyed it.

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