Marvel Congratulates ‘Jurassic World’ For Beating ‘Avengers’ Record With Priceless Tweet

Although initial reports claimed that Jurassic World fell just short of conquering The Avengers to become the highest-grossing opening weekend in history in America, later ticket sales numbers revealed that the dino movie actually DID defeat the 2012 superhero blockbuster to take the top opening weekend of all-time domestically.

And Marvel is being a really good sport about it.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige sent out a goodwill tweet to Universal Pictures, Legendary Films, producer Frank Marshall, director Colin Trevorrow, and star Chris Pratt, a friend who’s worked in the Marvel Cinematic as the lead star of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The image reveals Chris Pratt photoshopped sitting triumphantly atop a T-Rex holding Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. The assembled Avengers look on in befuddlement as the title overhead reads, “Marvel Studios congratulates Jurassic World on being the new opening weekend KING!”

Marvel Congratulates 'Jurassic World' For Beating 'Avengers' Record

Credit: Universal

I think this is a wonderful gesture by Marvel. I’m not sure anything would have been gained by Marvel being vindictive or overly competitive about Jurassic World taking the record, but this? This makes Marvel seem like a way cooler studio than they seemed already. Yes, you could see it as a corporate PR stunt, but hey, at least it seems more good-natured than your usual public relations move. And the image is lovely (and funny) too. So it’s mostly a win all-around.

Marvel’s next movie is Ant-Man (check out the awesome trailer) – but that’s probably not going to break any records. Same with the Fantastic Four reboot.

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