Marlisa Performs New Single, ‘Forever Young’, on The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

Marlisa is back!

Marlisa Punzalan won The X Factor Australia 2014, and she returned to the stage on the latest live show for the 2015 season to perform her new single, “Forever Young”! It’s a wonderfully upbeat track, and it offers plenty of opportunities for Marlisa to show off her outstanding voice. In fact, it’s a better song than many of the tracks some of the judges have given their acts this season (I’m looking at you, Dannii and Chris!). I mean, sure, the dancing is a bit on the awkward side, but I’m really rooting for this song to be a hit because Marlisa deserves to be a big deal. The girl just has insane talent and an innate likability to go with it. Here’s hoping for the best for her. Watch the full video below:

Marlisa Performs New Single, 'Forever Young', on The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

What do you think of Marlisa’s new single, “Forever Young”? Sound off in the comments!

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