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Mark Hood Owns the Stage With ‘What Do You Mean’ on The Voice 9 Live Playoffs (VIDEO)

Mark Hood sang “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber on The Voice 9 Live Playoffs for Team Pharrell Williams!

Mark starts out at the piano, and honestly, it should have stayed there. Once the band picks up, it starts to sound like a dated track from the 1980s in a way the original song never has. But if he’d turned it into a smoky ballad, this could have been a moment. That said, I can’t find fault with this vocal. Mark is an AMAZING performer, working the stage like a pro, always remaining in motion. People are either going to love or hate the wave-like high notes at the end, but it seems immaterial right now. All I know is that he’s got Gwen, Pharrell, and the crowd on their feet by the end of it. This is the hottest the crowd has been for anyone tonight. Mark is a total STAR tonight! Watch the video below:

Mark Hood Owns the Stage With 'What Do U Mean' on The Voice 9 Live Playoffs (VIDEO)

Download: Mark Hood, “What Do You Mean?”

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