Mario Cuomo dead at 82

Mario Cuomo, the former New York governor, has died. He was 82.

Cuomo is the father of the current New York governor Andrew Cuomo who was sworn in for a second term today.

Mario Cuomo is perhaps most known for his keynote speech in 1984 during the Democratic National Convention. This is considered one of the greatest political speeches ever in this country. You can read the full text here.

Cuomo considered a presidential run many times but never did.

From NY Times:

Mario M. Cuomo, the three-term governor of New York who commanded the attention of the country with a compelling public presence, a forceful defense of liberalism and his exhaustive ruminations about whether to run for president, died at home in Manhattan on Thursday, according to a family friend. He was 82.

Mr. Cuomo, the father of Andrew M. Cuomo, who hours earlier on Thursday was inaugurated for a second term as governor, led New York during a turbulent time, 1983 through 1994.

Mr. Cuomo’s remaining years in Albany were a series of grim footnotes as he struggled to keep the government afloat in worsening times. Mr. Clinton was on the verge of naming him to the Supreme Court when he asked that his name be withdrawn; Mr. Cuomo later said that he had never wanted the job.

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Mario Cuomo dead at 82

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