Mariah Carey’s brother says ‘She will die like Whitney Houston’

Mariah Carey’s brother Morgan Carey has given an interview with the National Enquirer where he says that “Mariah will die just like Whitney Houston.”

OMG! Why is he doing this???

Morgan has not spoken to Mariah in two years and claims that Mariah has problems with alcohol and mental health issues.

He told the Enquirer: “Mariah was drinking through her pregnancy — even while she was nursing. I can’t say that I have ever been around her when she was sober, and that’s very scary.”

Mariah allegedly also takes a “cocktail of medications” that include Zyprexa, Ativan and Depakote.

He also took the opportunity to blast Mariah’s ex Nick Cannon:

“Nick was there for the cash from day one. He doesn’t give a damn about Mariah. Nick took tremendous advantage of her and continues to do so.”

Mariah Carey's brother says 'She will die like Whitney Houston'

Wow, this is a lot to take in. I don’t want Mariah to die in a bathtub like Whitney Houston because of alcohol and drugs.

I didn’t know that Mariah Carey had a drinking problem. This may explain her odd behavior? I thought she was just delusional, period! LOL.

Nevertheless, this looks like Morgan Carey putting all the “Yes Men” in Mariah’s life on notice. She does seem to surround herself with these types of people.

Mariah has also been burning some bridges lately, namely the millions of fans of American Idol, where she was a former judge. She called the stint: “the worst experience of my life.”

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