Mariah Carey Sister ‘Rotting In Mental Hospital’ – Report

Mariah Carey’s big sister Alison Carey is in the Long Island mental hospital Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, according to a report from RADAR.

The site obtain photos of Alison from July 23, unconscious and strapped to a gurney. She had recently tried escaped from this hospital and was able to talk to RADAR about her ordeal:

During a phone conversation with Alison, a heroin-addicted ex-prostitute and mother of four, she desperately pleaded for someone to pass along a message to her pop princess sister to help her win back her freedom.

“I need a lawyer to get me out of this hospital because there is no reason to keep me in here for three months,” she said.

Alison, who is HIV-positive, told Radar she has been rotting at the hospital since a mystery man attacked her in her home and stole jewelry four months ago. “I don’t remember getting in a car with this person, and I don’t remember going to my house. But I remember being at my house and he was taking my jewelry,” Alison said.

Mariah Carey Sister 'Rotting In Mental Hospital' - Report

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