Mariah Carey Las Vegas Billboards Banned For Being Too Sexy

Mariah Carey is trying to sell tickets for her series of Las Vegas shows, titled Mariah: #1 to Infinity. But some people take issue with her method of promotion.

Mariah is scheduled to perform at Caesars Palace this month, and spent a boatload of money to plaster the town in billboards that feature a pretty revealing photo shoot. However, two California airports have banned the billboards.


Put simply, Mariah apparently shows too much skin. From TMZ:

Mariah Carey Las Vegas Billboards Banned For Being Too Sexy

Source: YouTube

Mimi’s returning to Vegas later this month, and to promote the show we’re told she shelled out thousands for an inviting photo shoot that were going up on billboards near Burbank and Orange County airports — huge takeoff spots for the Vegas-bound L.A. crowd.

Problem is … the airports have big issues with Mariah’s boobs, barely covered by a gold sheet. We’re told even Caesars, where Mariah will be performing, wants a censored version of the billboard.

Naturally, Mariah is in no mood to put up with the complaints of people who feel she bares too much skin, even if one of the businesses complaining happens to be the every place where she’ll be setting up her Las Vegas residency. Let’s see if she still has enough star power to get this issue to disappear.

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