Mariah Carey Dropped The Ball on New Year’s Eve – And Not In The Good Way! (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey didn’t exactly have a great performance to close out 2016, as her medley of hits from New Year’s Rockin’ Eve was a trainwreck of… well, 2016 proportions.

During “Emotions”, Mariah missed her cue and was revealed to be lip syncing. No big surprise though, since it’s not exactly some kind of big secret that Mariah lip syncs live more often than not, these days. But it got considerably worse, as Mariah either forgot the lyrics to the song or lost her place in the song (which could have happened if, say, the wrong track was cued up in her earpiece). She pretty much just stumbled around onstage for a while, singing ad libs and generally just looking like a deer caught in headlights. There was some booing from the crowd in attendance, although it seemed like many were too stoked to really care, one way or the other. Still, this wasn’t exactly a great look for Mariah. For lack of a better video of the incident, I’m including two different perspectives of the incident, so you can get some kind of idea just how much of a mess this was. Watch the video below:

Mariah Carey Dropped The Ball on New Year's Eve - And Not In The Good Way! (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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And Happy New Year! Hopefully, 2017 is way, way better than 2016!

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