Mariah Carey Cancels Las Vegas Show

Mariah Carey canceled her Las Vegas show on Wednesday due to bronchitis. “Doctor’s orders,” she wrote on Instagram at 9:30 PM PT.

She wrote:

Hey guys.. I’ve been fighting bronchitis for the past few days.. almost better but on mandatory vocal rest per doctor’s orders. I’m so sorry to cancel tonight’s show but I promise to make it up to you!!! Love you always, MC

Mariah Carey Cancels Las Vegas Show

How disappointing. She canceled her fourth show hardly into second week. And yet, she had time to shoot a music video for her song “Infinity” this week and get a lap dance from Tyson Beckford in a Chippendale’s show.

Fans literally went to Las Vegas just to see her and now all of that is WASTED.

So classy. I mean she’s not singing anyway, so might as well perform!

Mariah Carey can’t sing anymore. She shouldn’t be doing this. The reviews were horrible.

The canceled show will not be rescheduled as noted by the Caesars Palace box office. Mariah also has shows on Saturday and Sunday. I DOUBT she will be performing. What a joke!

Edited: It was her fourth show, she performed over the weekend.

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