Man Turns Into Patti LaBelle After Eating Her Sweet Potato Pie – Hilarious! (VIDEO)

Patti LaBelle is selling sweet potato pies at Walmart just in time for Thanksgiving. One of her fans, James Wright, tried a few of them and shared a review on social media.

Needless to say, it was a raving review, complete with Patti LaBelle song highlights, and Wright has become an overnight Internet sensation. Even Ms. LaBelle was pleased and shared his review on her Facebook page.

Watch the first video, but also the second follow up video where Wright asks for “some coin” for his efforts in promoting the sweet potato pies. He deserves it! One man promo machine!

Have you guys tried it? What do you think?

Part 2:

Really Wal Mart ???????? #PattieLabellePies #PattieLabelle [r.p @justindiego ]

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