Man Rescues BMW From Hurricane Matthew – By Parking It In His House (PHOTOS)

The bond between a man and his car is a sacred thing. So when Randy Jalil learned that damaging wind and rain from Hurricane Matthew would reach his home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Jalil did the one thing he could do to protect his BMW E30 M3 from the elements, short of getting out of town altogether: he parked the car inside his house.

Basically, Jalil measured the double doors to his home to confirm he had enough width to fit the car inside. Then he drove the BMW E30 M3 right into the middle of his home.

“I wasn’t risking anything,” Jalil told Jalopnik. “Fortunately I don’t have a wife to tell me otherwise, so in the morning of prior to the storm I stuffed it right into my house.”

If you think this is a hoax, you need look no further than the photos posted to the man’s own Instagram page:


A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

No caption necessary… #hurricanematthew

A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

#hurricanematthew #duringthestorm

A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

#hurricanematthew #breakfast #afterthestorm

A photo posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

Just got her out the house. #hurricanematthew #doubledoors

A video posted by Randy (@jalilsup) on

Now THAT’S love.

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