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Man Dresses Up As His Dog’s Favorite Toy For Halloween (VIDEO)

Not all dogs enjoy Halloween. Hell, I could imagine it being pretty confusing to them, what with all the people in strange outfits for no discernible reason other than that it just happens to be a certain day in October. And that’s just when dogs aren’t being put in strange costumes themselves.

But sometimes, dog owners make Halloween a little bit easier on their furry friends, as we see in this video. Jolene is a lovable dog whose favorite toy is a Gumby doll. Sure enough, her owner decides to surprise her on Halloween by dressing up as Gumby, bringing Jolene face-to-face with a life-sized version of the toy she loves to chew on every day. Needless to say, the result is downright adorable, as Jolene flips her lid, pretty much knocking her owner over and jumping all over him in excitement. Watch the video below:

Man Dresses Up As His Dog's Favorite Toy For Halloween (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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