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Mama Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel – So Cute! (VIDEO)

Never let it be said that adopted parents can’t love a child like they gave birth to the kid themselves. It’s true of humans and it’s true of animals too, apparently, as evidenced by this video of a mama cat adopting a baby squirrel.

The baby squirrel fell from his nest, which was in a tree near the residence of a good Samaritan, who quickly took the small, orphaned animal into their home. However, to the person’s surprise, the squirrel was adopted by her cat, which had recently given birth. The cat even made a place for the squirrel among its kittens when feeding time came around. Before long, the squirrel was even purring like a cat! This is pretty amazing stuff, really, but also too cute to put into words here. So watch the full video below for your daily dose of cuteness:

Mama Cat Adopts Baby Squirrel - So Cute! (VIDEO)

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