Major WWE Raw Spoiler: Former World Champion Rumored for Tonight

WWE is headed to Seattle for Monday Night Raw tonight, and that can only mean the return of Washington’s favorite son: former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is rumored to return on tonight’s show.

This stems from reports that Bryan was spotted boarding a flight to Seattle at Phoenix Airport over the weekend. Sources within WWE claim that Bryan is scheduled for the Raw taping, although he isn’t expected for the Smackdown taping on Tuesday night. Speculation is running rampant that Bryan could be announcing his retirement tonight, due to photos surfacing this weekend in which Bryan has cut off his trademark wild hair, and trimmed his similarly bushy beard, suggesting he might not have need for his old WWE look. Then again, it’s just as likely Bryan could simply be changing up his look for a potential storyline with his wife, Brie Bella, who is likely to get a shot at WWE Divas Champion Charlotte at Fast Lane later this month. Either way, I guess we’ll find out soon enough. If nothing else, it’d be nice to see Bryan somewhere other than reality shows, because there’s no way even Daniel Bryan could get me to watch Tough Enough or Total Divas.

Major WWE Raw Spoiler Former World Champion Rumored for Tonight

Credit: WWE

What do you think of Daniel Bryan’s possibly return? Could he be announcing his retirement tonight? Will he simply be involved in a storyline with Brie? Or could he finally be cleared to return to action? Let the speculation begin!

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