Madonna banned from BBC Radio 1 for being too old

Madonna has been banned from BBC Radio 1 for being “irrelevant and old” according to an insider from the station. Her latest single “Living for Love” has been available for play since December, but it was only played once, reports the Daily Mail.

Her music has now been moved to Radio 2 which caters to an older than 35 demographic.

The insider said: “At the end of the day it’s all about relevance. It’s natural that as an artist gets older their audience goes elsewhere and Radio 1 has to reflect that. The station has a duty to meet the needs of younger listeners. I don’t think the audience is losing sleep that it is not playing Madonna in the same way that it used to.”

OMG Harsh.

Madonna is 56 years old.

I disagree with BBCs decision to ban Madonna. Age shouldn’t be a factor on what teenagers these days should listen to in Britain. Plus, Madonna’s music is timeless. And as she proved last week in the Grammy Awards, she can still sing and dance live without any auto tune or anything.

Long live the queen!

Photo Credit: Getty Images Entertainment

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