‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Legacy Trailer Explores History of ‘Mad Max’ (VIDEO)

Mad Max: Fury Road is on the way, and Warner Bros. is promoting the film with a brand new Legacy Trailer, which offers a retrospective on the history of the Mad Max franchise. On the one hand, it doesn’t exactly tie the movie into the established canon, but what it does do is illustrate the aesthetic similarities between the films. Sure, this may be a new Mad Max, but it’s still very much in line with the Mad Max we’re all familiar with, only with less Mel Gibson.

Director George Miller explained that he rebooted the franchise in order to bring the story 30 years up to date without losing the thread of the character of Max as he’s remembered: a man who, after the death of his family, has nothing to lose. In addition to the awesome, classic Warner Bros. logo, this Legacy Trailer also gives us a good look at the movie, which opens on May 15, and stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, and Zoe Kravitz.

You can check out the full Legacy Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road below:

'Mad Max Fury Road' Legacy Trailer Explores History of 'Mad Max' (VIDEO)

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