Macklemore Owns a Painting Of Justin Bieber Wearing Nothing But a Pancake

Yes, you read the title right, according to a recent profile in Rolling Stone, Macklemore owns an oil painting of a naked Justin Bieber.

Naked that is except for a pancake, which is covering his genitals, maple syrup dripping down his chest.

Macklemore Justin Bieber Oil Painting

Credit: Etsy

Think we’re kidding? We’re not kidding.

Explained the profile of Macklemore (real name Ben Haggerty) and his music partner Ryan Lewis (via Spin), “There is a kitschy velvet painting of a bald eagle, an oil painting of Drake dancing and a transfixing rendition of a naked Justin Bieber with maple syrup pouring down his chest onto a pancake balanced on his boner. ‘Ben spent a lot of time buying weird stuff on Etsy,’ Lewis says.”

You can buy your own version of the painting over on Etsy for a mere $10. What a steal! Just don’t look at it while at work.

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