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Mackenzie Bourg Impresses Judges With ‘Say Something’ On American Idol 2016 (VIDEO)

Mackenzie Bourg impressed the judges with his take on “Say Something” by A Great Big World on American Idol 2016 Top 24 Semi-Final on Wednesday, February 10, 2016!

In his pre-performance video, Mackenzie talks about his fondness for rap, spitting a few lines from “Temperature” by Sean Paul, which might be his most endearing moment yet. Mackenzie tackles “Say Something” with his guitar, and while I can appreciate the intimacy of an acoustic version, I felt something was missing from this, and I can’t quite put my finger on what. That said, I still adore Mackenzie and think he could go all the way. He seriously has all the tools to be a major threat in this competition. As for the judges, J-Lo really liked it, as did Harry, who says that Mackenzie kept the integrity of the song despite changing the melody. Keith states that this could have been Mackenzie’s own original song, and I agree. Watch the video below:

Mackenzie Bourg Impresses Judges With 'Say Something' On American Idol 2016 (VIDEO)

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