Lupita Nyong’o is Reportedly Angering Broadway With Her Diva-Like Antics

If rumors are to be believed, Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o is a big Broadway diva, angering fans and producers of her show Eclipse.

According to reports, the actress has already missed some shows and refuses to work on Wednesdays.

Explained an insider, “Wednesdays are her days off, but there was never an announcement, so fans are pissed when they come to the show and she’s not there.”

Nyong’o has also reportedly called off work with excuses ranging from “exhaustion” to “I have a sore toe.”

“They were banking on her fame and have not seen a return. The most disrespectful thing is taking off every Wednesday while being seen hanging out with Misty [Copeland]. If you’re too tired to work, stay in bed,” the insider would go on to add.

Chimed in yet another paid informant, “Tony voters are coming to see her. Fans fly in to see her. This isn’t Hollywood, and she’s bringing her movie-star privilege to Broadway.”

However, a source close to the actress says this is far from the truth, explaining, “She’s maybe missed a show or two because she was sick and lost her voice, but she was never expected to appear in Wednesday-evening shows. This is her passion project that she is dedicated to and proud of.”

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