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Luke Pell Fires Back at Chris Harrison Over The Bachelor ‘Sincerity’ Comments

Luke Pell was the top candidate in the running to be The Bachelor out of the men from JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. In fact, he was only hours away from flying to Los Angeles to be announced as The Bachelor before he received a call from producers that his services wouldn’t be needed. And, needless to say, he’s more than a bit miffed about it.

Of course, Luke’s issues extend far beyond getting canned at the last minute. In a recent interview with ET, host Chris Harrison implied that the reason the show ultimately went with Nick Viall as the new Bachelor is because “sincerity is huge to us.” The implication is that Luke was not sincere. Chris explains:

“If we did make that last-minute decision to go with Nick, there’s a reason … at the end of the day, sincerity is huge to us. … Who’s ready to find love and go on this journey and who might have ulterior motives and might want to go in a different business direction with all this?”

Luke Pell Fires Back at Chris Harrison Over The Bachelor 'Sincerity' Comments

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Naturally, Luke hasn’t taken any of this laying down. He took to Twitter to fire back at Chris over his comments, stating that sincerity is kind of a big deal to him too:

This all ties into Luke’s campaign against the show for blindsiding him at the last minute by dropping him out of the running to be The Bachelor. Granted, this is far from the first time the show has done this to a potential new lead, as Caila Quinn actually had her vignettes filmed for The Bachelorette before producers decided JoJo Fletcher had the better story coming out of Ben Higgins’s season of The Bachelor. But this is one of the few times, if not the first time, a potential lead has actually spoken out about being dropped from the show at the 11th hour. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the producers were trying to save face by attacking Luke’s credibility.

Case in point, a source for the ET article, who claims that one of the reasons Luke was dropped was because he didn’t seem all that interested in finding love:

“All Luke asked about and seemed to care about when planning his role as the Bachelor was his country music career,” the source says.

While it’s true that Luke is a country music singer/songwriter, it didn’t really come up all that often on The Bachelorette. This isn’t to say it didn’t come up at all, but rather that it didn’t come up nearly often enough for Luke to come across as a guy who was only there to promote his music career. Then again, you could argue that they may have been trying to give Luke a favorable edit in preparation for potentially being The Bachelor. Either way, it’s all speculation. What we do know is that Luke was dumped from the show at the last minute, and he isn’t exactly happy about it, nor is he happy about what Chris Harrison had to say about him. So I guess ABC is going to have to sweeten the deal if they want him on Bachelor In Paradise next summer.

Anyway, you can check out the video of Chris Harrison’s comments below:

But what do you think? Are you Team Luke? Sound off in the comments!

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