Lucy Lawless Joins Cast of ‘Evil Dead’ Show Alongside ‘Xena’ Co-Star Bruce Campbell

The Evil Dead television show Ash vs. Evil Dead has gotten a little more awesome by adding Xena herself, Lucy Lawless to their cast.

“Dear Ms. Lawless: Hit your marks, say your lines, or you’re fired,” franchise mainstay Bruce Campbell joked of the new addition and his former co-star, confirming, “She’s going to be on the show.”

Lucy Lawless Evil Dead

Credit: Universal Television Pictures

“We just added her to our cast, and I got to tell you, I couldn’t be happier. Some actors you work with and you know that you’re going to fail the chemistry test. There are some that you know you won’t fail it. She’s great; I worked with her a lot in the Xena days, and it’s great to have her on Ash vs. Evil Dead.”

No word on what capacity Lawless will appear in at this time, but it’s probably going to be amazing.

Hinted Campbell, “I expect her to hog every one of our scenes, and I’ll let her because she’s Lucy Lawless; we want her to be happy on the show and we have a very good part for her.”

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