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Lost Dog and Owner Share Emotional Reunion After Two Years Apart (VIDEO)

When dogs go missing for years at a time, some are rarely ever reunited with their families and loved ones. But sometimes, there are happy endings to be found in tales of separation.

Two years ago, a pug-nosed terrier named Zeus went missing from his home in Ocala, Florida. For two years, no one could find any trace of the adorable dog. But his owner, Debbie Petranck, never gave up hope. That hope eventually paid off when she received a call from the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit. in Dearborn, Michigan. Amazingly, Zeus had somehow traveled 1,000 miles away, two years after going missing. As it turns out, Zeus had been found in Ocala by a man at a fast food restaurant. That man had taken Zeus in, and then moved to Michigan with the dog. Zeus ran off again, and turned up at Friends for Animals. With the use of microchip detection, Zeus was able to be reunited with Debbie. It’s an amazing story in every sense of the word. And to say their reunion was emotional would be a bit of an understatement. Watch the heartwarming video below:

Lost Dog and Owner Share Emotional Reunion After Two Years Apart (VIDEO)

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