‘Breaking Bad’ Restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos May Become a Reality

Los Pollos Hermanos, the fictional chicken restaurant/drug front from AMC’s hit Breaking Bad may become a real restaurant if Sony has their way.

No word on whether it will also be a drug front.

Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurant

Credit: AMC

When creator Vince Gilligan was asked in a recent Reddit AMA if he himself would ever consider opening a real life Los Pollos Hermanos, he responded:

Believe it or not… there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant. This is not an idea that I generated personally. But it’s one that’s been presented to me, through the good folks at Sony, and the idea came to them from a businessman who has an interest in doing just that. Speaking for myself, I’d love to see that happen!

We would also love to see that! We would also love if it could be a fully immersive experience complete with visits from Walter White, Gus Fring and Mike Ehrmantraut.

Make it happen people!

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