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Loren Lott sings ‘Treasure’ on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

Loren Lott sang ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars on American Idol XIV Season 14 in Nashville, TN on Thursday, January 8, 2015.

She’s so pretty! I love her!

Harry Connick Jr described her as an actress who can sing.

They made her sing a second song to show her spontaneity. She sang ‘Saving All My Love’ by Whitney Houston as her second song.

I really like Loren. The camera really loves her. She could be the next American Idol superstar!

From our live blog:

Loren is an actress, and she’s excited to meet J-Lo. When she enters, we get a pretty cute segment in which Harry jokes back and forth with the music director before Loren’s audition. She sings “Treasure” by Bruno Mars, and this is pretty cringeworthy, particularly when she tries to get the judges to sing along and fails. A total karaoke, Broadway performance.

Watch the video here:

Loren Lott sings 'Treasure' on American Idol XIV (VIDEO)

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