Longtime Matchmaker Joe Silva Reportedly Leaving UFC

The MMA world is facing the end of an era, as UFC matchmaker Joe Silva is reportedly leaving the organization.

A source close to the situation told MMAJunkie that Silva informed the company of his intention to leave, possibly by the end of 2016.

This comes just under two months since UFC was sold to a group led by talent agency WME-IMG.

As an executive in the company, Silva pocketed a pretty penny from the deal, and it’s this that has motivated his decision to retire, rather than internal issues with the new owners. And why shouldn’t he retire if he pocketed a substantial sum from the sale of the company? Better to leave when you still have your health and sanity intact, rather than wear yourself down to nubs due to all the stress of matchmaking in a business with personalities as volatile as they tend to be in MMA.

Longtime Matchmaker Joe Silva Reportedly Leaving UFC

Source: YouTube

Still, it’ll be sad to see Silva leave, considering he’s worked for the company for 21 years. Silva is likely to be succeeded in his job as primary matchmaker by Sean Shelby, who has been his fellow matchmaker for years now. That said, UFC hasn’t made any official announcement just yet. In fact, they haven’t even confirmed that Silva is leaving. But the source has been good for info like this in the past. If this really is the end for Silva, I hope he enjoys a long, happy retirement. I also hope UFC can pick up the pieces in the wake of his departure, and continue to make top-level fights.

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