Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien In the Running To Become New ‘Spider-Man’

Could Percy Jackson be the next Spider-Man? Or could a Teen Wolf alum become Peter Parker?

With news that Sony and Marvel have worked out a deal for Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes news on just what’s in store for the next Spidey movies. Reportedly, not only will Spider-Man be returning to high school in the upcoming film, he’ll be played an all-new, younger actor. Naturally, while it’s a shame to lose the immensely talented Andrew Garfield (rather, it is in my opinion), Sony and Marvel are looking at two really solid choices to take Garfield’s place.

Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman and Teen Wolf alum Dylan O’Brien are reportedly the two names in contention for the role as the new Spider-Man. Realistically, either man would be a good choice for the part, for different reasons. O’Brien has a compelling charisma that developed from his role as Stiles on the MTV series. In the past year, he’s proven himself on the big screen with the success of The Maze Runner, the sequel to which will be released on September 18. Meanwhile, Lerman has been a solid big screen performer, between his successes with the Percy Jackson movies and his critically-acclaimed work in Fury, from director David Ayers. Coincidentally, Lerman was actually in the running for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man back when Sony was originally casting for The Amazing Spider-Man, since just about every young actor worth his salt was in consideration. Hell, “>Josh Hutcherson even got a screen test (a really, really awesome screen test). But the role ultimately went to Garfield. However, Lerman now has the chance to win the part he lost over four years ago. Provided he can actually beat out O’Brien for the role.

Of course, neither Sony nor Marvel has confirmed that these are the two names in the running, but I suppose we’ll find out in due time just which actor will be the next Spider-Man, since casting will have to conclude fairly soon if Spider-Man is going to appear in Captain America: Civil War.

But what do you think? Which actor should get the part? Lerman, O’Brien, or neither? If neither, which actor would be the best fit? Sound off in the comments!

Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien In the Running To Become New 'Spider-Man'

Credit: Summit Entertainment / 20th Century Fox


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