Little Mix + AcroArmy Cast ‘Black Magic’ On ‘America’s Got Talent 10’ (VIDEO)

Little Mix teamed with America’s Got Talent 9 finalists AcroArmy for a stunning performance of “Black Magic” on America’s Got Talent 10!

I LOVED AcroArmy! And I love Little Mix! So I’m instantly on-board with this. The girls sing “Black Magic” while AcroArmy flips around like crazy. Seriously, it’s almost hard to concentrate on Little Mix, because the routine is so high energy and dizzying in spots. However, they slow it down about halfway through, holding poses in order to keep the focus on Little Mix. I really love “Black Magic” as a single. Every time it comes on the radio, I gotta blast it. Reminds me of 90s style pop music, where acts could be corny in their joyfulness. I absolutely loved this. Watch the performance video below:

Little Mix + AcroArmy Cast 'Black Magic' With 'America's Got Talent' Performance (Video)

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