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Little Bulldog Puppy Throws Big Old Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

Sometimes, a dog will throw a temper tantrum because you aren’t giving him food, or you aren’t letting him play, or you’re insisting on going to sleep early. And other times, they’ll get fussy for seemingly no reason at all.

In this video, an adorable little bulldog puppy named Bentley gets pretty upset at his owner. At first, it seems that Bentley is throwing his temper tantrum for no real reason. However, if I had to guess, I’d think it’s because his owner won’t cuddle with him, instead wrapping up in a blanket and leaving Bentley to find some other way to get cozy. Either way, Bentley is absolutely adorable, so it must have been hard to resist such a cute temper tantrum. Lord knows, if it had been me, I probably would have caved. Watch the video below:

Little Bulldog Puppy Throws Big Old Temper Tantrum (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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