LISTEN: Ciara releases’s new single, “I Bet”

Ciara is back. The fearless leader of the C-Squad has unveiled her new single “I Bet,” which is the lead single from her upcoming album titled, Jackie, which is named after her mother.

Ciara has stated that this album is honest and introspective. In this song, she slams former fiancé, Future.

Whew….Ciara. I just want to know who told you this was okay!?? I mean its a nice little softy R&B ballad…but NO…this WILL NOT work. I mean it will work if you are doing this for yourself and your fan base that cares but if you want a hit…no not at all.

She’s also been in the studio with Polow da Don and Dr. Luke so I’m hoping she brings some gritty hit this era as well cause…..whew.

She could have slammed Future over a hot, sick, upbeat beat and been brutal with it. Alas….

Ciara I Bet

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