List of Potential 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees Leaked

A source in WWE has leaked a list of names for potential 2016 WWE Hall of Fame inductees, and while some of these names are long overdue for induction, some are fairly surprising.

Former WWE champion and current announced John Bradshaw Layfield is rumored to be inducted. It makes sense, since JBL hails from Texas, and WWE likes to induct people with history in the area where Wrestlemania is taking place. With Wrestlemania 32 hailing from Dallas this year, JBL seems as good an inductee as any. By the same token, Texas wrestling legends the Fabulous Freebirds are also set to be inducted. Of course, the Freebirds were big in a variety of territories, but their most iconic feud was in Texas against the Von Erichs, so I can see why WWE held off on their induction until Wrestlemania rolled through Texas again. And hey, now Stone Cold Steve Austin won’t have to boycott the show this year!

List of Potential 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Inductees Leaked

Credit: WWE

In keeping with the list of Texas natives, former WWE Women’s Champion Jacqueline is rumored to be inducted. Jacqueline has been heavily featured in virtually every company she’s ever wrestled in, and had one of the first major man vs. woman in-ring feuds of the Attitude Era when she fought TV Champion Disco Inferno at Halloween Havoc 97. Joining her on the list of rumored inductees is another popular face from the Attitude Era, “The Godfather” Charles Wright. A former Intercontinental champion and tag team champion, Wright not only performed as The Godfather in WWE, he also worked as Kama Mustafa and Papa Shango. In short, he was one of the more diverse and eclectic performers of the 90s and early 2000s, considering the variety to the characters he’s portrayed, and the fact that he was over with the crowd in every role.

Last but not least is the quirkiest selection of the list, as Regis Philbin is rumored to be this year’s inductee for the celebrity wing. Philbin served as a celebrity announcer at Wrestlemania VII, and was pretty entertaining in the role, if memory serves, although I’m not entirely sure it’s Hall of Fame-worthy or anything. Of course, the celebrity wing isn’t really about big, Hall of Fame-worthy moments. It’s mostly just a way to get more celebrities involved with Wrestlemania weekend, for better or worse.

So far, the only confirmed Hall of Fame inductee for the Class of 2016 is Sting. But I suppose we’ll see how legit this list is once the second inductee is announced in the coming weeks.

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