‘Lip Sync Battle’ Preview: Terry Crews Battles Mike Tyson With ‘Sucker M.C.’s’ (VIDEO)

Lip Sync Battle is all-new tonight on Spike, and it features the most macho match-up of the series so far: Terry Crews vs. Mike Tyson.

In taking the fight right to Tyson, Crews opts to go with “Sucker M.C.’s” by Run-D.M.C. as his battle choice. And the result is pretty great, as Crews makes full use of the stage, and even gets the crowd moving with him. Hell, even Tyson is loving it, laughing like he’s being tickled to death from the inside. Seriously, I’m continually impressed by just how fun Lip Sync Battle is each week, and how well it works as an actual series, beyond just being a segment on The Tonight Show.

You can check out the Lip Sync Battle preview below:

'Lip Sync Battle' Preview Terry Crews Battles Mike Tyson With 'Sucker M.C.'s' (VIDEO)

To watch the full performance, check out Lip Sync Battle tonight at 10/9c on Spike. And to watch full episodes of Lip Sync Battle, head on over to or hit up the Spike App.

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