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Lions Shot Dead After Suicidal Man Enters Lion’s Den (VIDEO)

Warning: Graphic Video and Photos. A suicide attempt by a 20-year-old man resulted in the killing of two lions at the Metropolitan Zoo in Santiago de Chile.

Luis Ferranda entered the lion’s cage and undressed hoping that the lions there would kill him. He had left a suicide note in his clothes which included fanatic religious proclamations, according to RAW STORY.

Two lions, a male and a female, where ultimately killed to save Ferranda’s life after they attacked him.

Zoo director Alejandra Montalba, said: “The zoo has a very strict protocol because human lives are the most important to us. Because of the fact that there are no tranquilizers that act immediately on animals, we had to sacrifice the lives of the lions in order to save the suicidal young man.”

Ferranda is still in critial condition in a local hospital.

Social media in Chile recorded the events below, and it’s very graphic. Watch at your own risk.

Press play to watch the video below.

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