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Lion, Tiger + Bear Are Best Friends After Shared Mistreatment – Oh My! (VIDEO)

Known affectionately as the BLT, Baloo (a bear), Leo (a lion) and Shere Khan (a tiger) have spent the past 15 years being best friends at the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia.

The trio share a tragic past, and were forcibly kept in a basement in horrid conditions before being rescued in 2001 during a police raid.

The group was briefly separated so Baloo could have surgery to remove a harness which hadn’t been adjusted as he grew.

Following the surgery, the unlikely friends were reunited and have been living happily ever after together ever since.

While specialists have¬†determined the animals are¬†too damaged to return to the wild, something tells us they prefer their new lives at Noah’s Ark.

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