Lindsay Lohan Has 2 Weeks to Finish 115 Hours of Community Service Or Else

Lindsay Lohan has until May 28th to complete 125 hours of community service and guess what? It’s never gonna happen.

Thus far, La Lohan has completed only nine hours and 45 minutes of community service from her 2012 reckless driving case.

Lindsay Lohan Jail

Credit: NBC

For reference, in the past Lindsay has tried to claim inviting children to her West End play and fan meet and greets all constituted service to the community.

Prosecutor Melanie Skehar says that if Lilo fails to finish by the deadline, they will seek jail time. The judge on the case would go on to add that “there will be consequences.”

The rest of the hours will allegedly take place in Brooklyn according to Lindsay’s lawyer.

We’ll believe it when we see it.

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