Lexus Unveils New Lexus Sriracha IS – No, Seriously (VIDEO)

The auto industry is odd enough as it is, but it’s about to get all the stranger, now that there’s a Lexus cross-branded with a Huy Fong Foods condiment.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Lexus unveiled the Sriracha version of the IS. Built by West Coast Customs, the Lexus Sriracha IS was, according to the official YouTube description, “made with one simple philosophy in mind: Put Sriracha in everything. The paint, the steering wheel, even the key fob. We wanted this car to be as hot as possible. Now it’s so hot, it’s spicy.” I wish I were making that up, but alas.

Lexus Unveils New Lexus Sriracha IS - No, Seriously (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

The car has a “Sriracha Red” paint job, green highlights, custom leather seats with the Huy Fong rooster logo, special seat warmers with a “Sriracha” setting for maximum heat, and a steering wheel with cast-resin sections called a “Hot Handling” steering wheel. The car also comes with a whopping 43 bottles of Sriracha sauce, for reasons that remain to be seen. Nothing has been done to the under-the-hood components, since this car is all about the show and less about the go. But if you’re into novelty cars, check out the Lexus Sriracha IS in all its glory by watching the video below:

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