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Lexi Davila Proves ‘Anything Could Happen’ on The Voice 2015 Knockouts (VIDEO)

Lexi Davila sang “Anything Could Happen” on The Voice 2015 Season 8 Knockouts on Monday, March 30 for Team Adam Levine.

Lexi faced off against Joshua Davis, and both artists delivered personal bests. In this instance, Lexi is great, but in a different way than Joshua was great, as one offered a gentle, folksy vocal while the other offered a powerful, pop-infused performance. With that said, I feel like it sounds a little bit similar to Ellie Goulding’s original, but I can’t really front on this vocal. It’s easily better than her Blind Audition, and a far sight better than a lot of the vocals from the Knockout Round overall, in my opinion. That run towards the end is downright terrific, to the point that Pharrell stands up and asks Adam what on Earth he’s going to do. I found myself wondering the same thing. She really brought it here. Puerto Ricans represent!

But what do you think of Lexi Davila? Check out her performance of “Anything Could Happen” below:


Winner: Joshua Davis

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Lexi Davila Proves 'Anything Could Happen' on The Voice 2015 Knockouts (VIDEO)

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