Leonardo DiCaprio Is Producing a Film on the Volkswagen Scandal

Leonardo DiCaprio is becoming a Hollywood car guy.

The multi-time Oscar nominee is set to produce a film about the Volkswagen emissions scandal through Paramount Pictures and his production company, Appian Way. Paramount bought the rights to a book about the scandal, although it’s a book that hasn’t even been written yet, surprisingly. So yeah, a lot of pressure on the author, New York Times journalist Jack Ewing.

However, the story of this emissions scandal itself should provide a strong foundation for a solid book and an even better movie, regardless of whether or not DiCaprio decides to star in the film or not, which hasn’t been confirmed one way or the other just yet. After all, it’s not every day that one of the world’s largest automakers admits that 11 million of its diesel vehicles have software that allows them to cheat on emission tests. This is a far bigger issue than the media is giving it credit for being, considering the involvement of the Environmental Protection Agency, the resignation of chief executive Martin Winterkorn, and the massive recall of nearly 500,000 vehicles in just the United States, without even factoring in the worldwide recalls.

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Producing a Film on the Volkswagen Scandal

Credit: Hubert Boesl/DPA/Press Association Images

Ultimately, this could be a watershed film for car culture, since it’s rare for Hollywood to explore the ethos behind the big automakers, and how their desperation for success can lead to compromised justice and morals. Usually, Hollywood doesn’t go any deeper on car culture than the slam-shifting you get in your average Fast & Furious movie. Seeing a story of this magnitude given this treatment should be a refreshing change of pace. Personally, as a car guy, I couldn’t be more excited about this film if it were a biopic about Lee Iacocca. Here’s hoping both the book and the movie deliver.

For more on cars, read up on Hyundai’s own recall problems here. Basically, the struggle is real in the automotive world.

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