‘LEGO Movie’ Director Has the Perfect Response to Its Oscar Snub

Of all the snubs among the 87th Academy Award nominations, the most troubling was the snub for The LEGO Movie in the Best Animated Feature category. Best Original Song nominee “Everything Is Awesome” ended up being the film’s sole nomination, and the complete lack of love for the film has fans up in arms.

However, director Phil Lord isn’t sweating the snub. The LEGO Movie director took to Twitter to show how he’s handling things, keeping in the spirit of the film, and the LEGO brand in addressing his film’s omission.

With the caption, “It’s okay. Made my own!”, Lord posted a photo of an Oscar comprised completely of Legos. In essence, Lord proved that while everything is most certainly NOT awesome about this morning’s Oscar nominations, Legos most certainly are. Check out Lord’s tweet below:

Personally, I have absolutely no idea how this snub happened in the first place, considering it ticked every box for nomination, far more so than any other film in the category short of Big Hero 6: it was a massive hit both commercially and critically, and has been cited in a lot of precursor awards and critics’ groups. Coupled with its Annie Award nominations, it seemed like a sure-thing. My only guess is that it either split votes with something else, or the Academy voters just didn’t get it. Or maybe they voted for underdogs, assuming The LEGO Movie was a lock, and everyone else would be voting for it? I imagine I’ll be struggling to think of why this got snubbed for a while. But hey, a sequel is on the way, so this won’t be the franchise’s last shot at an Oscar nomination. If nothing else, Lord is showing the right attitude in what is a pretty crappy situation.

'LEGO Movie' Director Has the Perfect Response to the Film's Oscar Snub

Credit: Warner Bros.

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