Lee Daniels Has Written ‘Empire’ Roles for Oprah and Common

The epic, two-hour season finale of Empire airs on Wednesday, but executive producer and Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels is already looking ahead to season two.

Daniels revealed, in an interview with Access Hollywood, that he has written parts specifically for Oprah Winfrey and Oscar winner Common for season two.

“Oh yeah, for sure. For absolutely sure. We’re gonna have a good time,” he said. “You heard that first.”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed that either Oprah or Common have accepted the roles, my interest has already been piqued by this news. Empire has not only been a huge commercial success, it’s also one of the best new shows on network TV from a sheer quality standpoint. (No, really, Empire is my jam.) Now, if only Daniels could write a role for Mo’Nique. You know, to make things right.

Lee Daniels Has Written Empire Roles for Oprah and Common

Credit: Zap2It

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