Lawsuit Over WWE Network Royalties Voluntary Dismissed

The lawsuit filed by former WWE tag team champion Rene Goguen, who wrestled for the company from 2003-2007 as Rene Dupree, has been voluntarily dismissed less than a week after it was filed.

The class-action lawsuit was filed against WWE over royalties for releases on the WWE Network and Netflix. The suit was voluntarily dismissed by Dupree’s lawyers, Brenden Leydon and Clinton Krislov, who filed a notice in Connecticut court. However, the attorneys filed to dismiss without prejudice, meaning they can re-file at a later date. The case was intended to speak on behalf of past wrestlers who’ve dealt with WWE since 1980, which is a noble pursuit, in theory, although none of those former employees felt like joining Dupree in the lawsuit itself.

This is yet another in a series of lawsuits that have been filed by mid-2000s WWE employees, as former superstar Vito LoGrasso filed a lawsuit claiming the company ignored concussions that left the wrestlers with severe brain injuries. Three other wrestlers also got in on the concussion litigation against WWE, creating a nightmare of legal troubles for the company. While the network royalties case was voluntarily dismissed, it still represented a major headache for WWE’s legal department, as company lawyer Jerry McDevitt has been working hard to get this thing thrown out, noting that Dupree signed a contract in 2011 that prevented him from filing just this sort of lawsuit.

Much like the concussion lawsuit, this network royalties case had the potential to do a ton of damage to WWE if the court decided there was merit to the suit, especially considering what a huge chunk of WWE’s business the Network has become.

Lawsuit Over WWE Network Royalties Voluntary Dismissed

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