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Lauren Murray Moves Out of ‘The X Factor UK’ Contestants House, Claims It’s a ‘Prison’

Lauren Murray is one of the favorites to make the finale on The X Factor UK, right up there with fellow teammate Louisa Johnson and boys category frontrunner Che Chesterman (although watch out for 4th Impact!). However, that doesn’t mean Lauren has to love the conditions to which the contestants are subjected.

It turns out that Lauren has moved out of the contestants house. While only coming to light now through her interview with Mirror, Lauren apparently left last week after the elimination of Kiera Weathers and Seann Miley Moore, two of her best friends in the competition. Lauren stated that the house in North London “felt empty” without them. To make matters worse, it became apparent to Lauren that she couldn’t take the constant cameras, stating that the conditions are like “Big Brother meets Glee meets prison”.

“I found the filming the hardest to deal with. The camera is there when you wake up, it’s there when you go to sleep. I felt like I could never relax. It’s intense,” Lauren told Mirror, adding that she’s even began sessions with a therapist. “I have had a little bit of counselling because you do become unbalanced with change. It’s not just because I’m on antidepressants. I think everyone has little breakdowns.”

When pointing out the cause of her anxiety on the show, Lauren points back to the Six Chair Challenge as the beginning of her struggle.

“I was drained. I definitely think they should get rid of Six Chair Challenge. I found it horrific. But they won’t – it’s too good TV,” Lauren stated. “Imagine if I fainted. Someone would have got a bonus!”

Lauren Murray Moves Out of 'The X Factor UK' Contestants House, Claims It's a 'Prison'

Credit: ITV

Ultimately, Lauren’s outspoken nature in the media is part of why people like her. She’s a straight-shooter, and pretty down-to-Earth. However, I could easily imagine this rubbing some people the wrong way, since the argument would be, “Well, if you can’t handle being a reality show contestant, how are you going to handle being a major, worldwide recording artist?” This isn’t even the first time Lauren has spoken out about the rigid nature of the contestants house, as she earlier claimed that there is a “sex ban” on the contestants that forbid romantic relationships.

Personally, I love Lauren. I’m 100% on her side here, and I hope she does whatever she needs to do in order to ensure her well-being. That said, I do worry if speaking out against the show might end up having negative consequences for her. Here’s hoping everything turns out well for her, at least for this week, which is yet another double elimination.

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