Latest Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Feud Ends In Truce

On Monday, the fued between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj captured the imagination of social media for hours – which somehow netted the CEO of Wilhelmena Models and the girlband Little Mix!

Nicki went on her Queen Radio show and spilled more tea on Cardi including additional details of the brawl that happend during New York Fashion Week. She offered $100K to anyone who can provide a video of the incident – and this really ticked off Cardi B.

Cardi B went on her Instagram and let loose some fire on most of the things the rappers have been feuding about during the last few months. It was amazing.

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One of her claims was that she turned down an offer from Diesel to be their model – which ultimately went to Nicki. This prompted a response from the CEO of of Wilhelmena Models Bill Wackermann on Instagram saying that the Diesel campaign was designed for Nicki Minaj alone. After a couple of hours however, Cardi B produced evidence to the contrary — and Wackermann deleted his post!

Cardi also said that she was asked to do “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix first, which eventually went to Nicki. She said she declined it because she was doing too much pop music. She then played the song with bars for her to fill in. Later in the day however, Little Mix said that they approached Nicki Minaj first. (Then why send Cardi B. the music? That doesn’t make sense Little Mix. Get your house in order before you start jumping in. LOL)

There was more back and forth on social media throughout the day, but in the end, Nicki offered a truce which Cardi B agreed to. Whew.

Omigosh, the things Nicki Minaj has to resort to these days just to promote a single. SMH.


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